The global lockdown affected almost every industry and human’s well being, including the art scene. A report from The Art Newspaper discovered that art galleries around the world are expected to lose an average of 72% of their annual income. A greater concern is the fact that about 30% of gallery owners believe they will not survive this crisis. Similarly in Malaysia, one of the most prominent art galleries, the Galeri Petronas brings curtain down after 28 years of operation, featuring countless significant exhibitions, publications & programmes for both local & international artists. Most artists have lost their rice bowl, since the start of the pandemic due to absence of exhibition, closure of art galleries & postponement of events, leaving artists without any avenue to exhibit and market their masterpiece

In the context of Malaysia economical situation, average Malaysian is worn out and weary. Almost close to 300,000 in the retail sector lost their jobs , with 30% of shops closed for good, expected to rise to 50% with the lockdown continues. Tourism, hotel and F&B sectors have also been battered. As of March this year, 100 hotels been closed permanently. And the remaining 90% of the workforce from SME sector, which accounts for 7.3M livelihood is also now at the edge of losing their jobs at anytime. With all these that are taking place, it caused detrimental effects on domestic violence and sexual abuse of children has soared and suicide rates surged. Whats more alarming, there’s been an average of 3 suicides a day in the first half of the year and 51% are youths aged between 15 to 18 years old

This is the reason why this campaign is to be curated, to support the artists welfare to allow them continuing their creativity and part of the proceeds will be channeled to Covid-19 food and donation initiatives. However, we’re doing it in a different twist…We’re raising money via NFT project, also known as Non Fungible Token and 40% of the proceeds will be donated to the designated charity organization that we’re working with

NGO We Are Raising Money For

The Hope Branch is a non profit organisation focusing on providing humanitarian aid, medical relief, sustainable health development during both crisis and non crisis times in the view of alleviating human suffering.

During this pandemic, The Hope Branch - Pertubuhan Harapan Amal Harith Iskander is launching MCO 3.0 Post Ramadhan COVID Food Drive to help homeless, single parents, OKU, B40 and marginalized communities in Malaysia. This year, The Hope Branch work hand in hand with DBKL and reach out to vulnerable families who need help.

Refuge For The Refugees develops services and networks that empower refugees and advocate for their rights in Malaysia. Our work includes support for individuals, emergency relief and aid, education programs, case management, and policy development.

We partner with businesses, public-sector agencies, other NGOs, and individuals who share our vision of giving those in the refugee community the voice and opportunities they deserve.

What is Non Fungible Token?


NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on blockchain and cannot be replicated.


NFTs is digital assest that represent real world objects such as art, music, in-game items, videos and many more.


“Tokenizing” these real-world tangible assets allows them to be bought, sold and traded more efficiently while reducing the probability of fraud.

Here’s to understand what does NFT mean in 4 mins;

Here’s how you can be onboard as an ARTIST!

  1. Sign Up and go through the onboard process with deNFT.
  2. Submit your artwork with the theme "What a Wonderful World" which portrays elements of unity, empathy, hopefulness and solidarity.
    a. Artwork should be in high resolutions in JPEG (lossless 100%) and PNG.
    b. Mpeg and GIF are also acceptable.
    c. No watermark or copyright are allowed.
    d. No borders allowed on the artwork.
    e. Add name and description/storyboard of your artwork.
  3. Each content will be curated before we decide to put it on auction on the NFT platform.

Why you should PARTICIPATE as an artist?

  1. Design for a good cause to help needy Malaysians that were impacted by Covid-19 pandemic
  2. Evolving and expanding your creativity in a new trending space
  3. Why not when there’s an additional avenue to make extra income right? And the feel good factor for such purposeful & meaningful project

Why you should support this campaign as a CONTRIBUTOR?

  1. Making a difference in one’s life from a very small fraction of your digital asset portfolio
  2. Your contribution would be an eternal gratitude to these needy
  3. Pandemic had disrupted human’s livelihood, but only humans can make this world a better place again

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